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Historical references to the name Carvoeiro go back to the year 1544. The Bay of Carvoeiro was, especially for pirates, an attractive destination. At that time the town was known as Caboiere the old word for an Islamic-Medieval hamlet of fishermen. Carvoeiro has a colourful history of pirates and naval attacks, stretching back to Roman times. The most famous battle took place in 1544 between a fleet of Portuguese ships and the notorious Turkish pirate Xarramet.


In the period between the first and second World War Carvoeiro was a ‘hot spot’ for the Portuguese upper class to visit. The ruins of the former casinos at the 'Rua do Casino' are the witness of this period.  Since the 1960s, the former fishing village has become an international tourist destination, which mainly attracts families. Carvoeiro has made a name in golf and water in addition to the classic "sun and beach" tourism.


There are many lovely beaches in Carvoeiro, so the choice is yours as to where to spend your lazy days in the Algarve sunshine! Will it be Praia do Carvoeiro or Carvoeiro 'town beach' as it's also known, Praia do Paraíso which is just the next beach along, the lovely curved sheltered bay of Praia do Carvalho, Praia da Marinha with a choice of several little bays at low tide or maybe Vale de Centeanes with its spectacular cliffs? 

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